Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Life is so hectic!

Where has the time gone!? In the last month my 2 oldest daughters have bought houses of their own, we started school again, built an outdoor playhouse for the kids, had a wedding shower for DD2, had the babies pass around hand, foot, and mouth disease, plus all the normal everyday stuff! The good thing about the girls getting their own homes, is now they can get all their stuff out of my basement and out it in theirs! One got a smaller, ready-to-move-in home, the other got a larger 2 story fixer upper! I'm glad they both didn't get fixers uppers! The first one moved in and took her half a day! The second, we've been helping them work on it so they can move in before winter! We've started using Young Living Essential Oils! I LOVE IT! Already gone through a lot, with bug bites, scrapes, stuffy nose, fevers, Hand, Foot, and Mouth! That stuff is awesome! I'll tell you more in another, separate post later!

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