Sunday, September 21, 2014

My little oil shelf!

Got it made (insert happy dance here!) I wasn't very happy with it as I was building it. It wasn't turning out as beautiful as it was in my mind! In fact, I thought it was hideous and was ready to chuck it into the burn pile! But I figured it would do for the time being, until I could think of something else. I put pretty paper on the back and painted it. Looked a little better, still not great. However, after I put the oils on it, stood back and looked, yeah! This might be ok after all! It actually looks pretty darn good! I may just have to keep it!

Here's the area before the shelf was added:

The area after the shelf:

Close up of the shelf:

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Love my oils!

My next project I want to complete is a place to store my essential oils! I love my oils! Use them everyday for everything! My 2 youngest schoolers have a hard time focusing on their worksheets and concentrating. You'll show them the letter A says "ay" and they'll repeat it. But you immediately say, "now what does it say?" "Um, I forget!" Frustrating! So we got out our diffuser and put in a couple drops of lemon and peppermint. WOW! Instead of 3 hours to get their work done, it took less than 2! We have used many different oils for many different things, all with great results!
I have a carrying case for my smaller bottles, but I am quickly getting quite a collection of larger bottles, and the CD box I currently keep them in has reached maximum capacity! I'm still really pleased with the storage unit I built to put everyone's daily supplement containers in, so I am sure I can come up with something awesome for my oils! I have to decide if I want them to be upright, or slightly tilted! After I build it, I'll need a place to put it! Empty wall space is at a premium here. But so is counter space!
 I'll put a picture up soon of my supplement unit and keep you updated on the progress of my oil storage!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Life is so hectic!

Where has the time gone!? In the last month my 2 oldest daughters have bought houses of their own, we started school again, built an outdoor playhouse for the kids, had a wedding shower for DD2, had the babies pass around hand, foot, and mouth disease, plus all the normal everyday stuff! The good thing about the girls getting their own homes, is now they can get all their stuff out of my basement and out it in theirs! One got a smaller, ready-to-move-in home, the other got a larger 2 story fixer upper! I'm glad they both didn't get fixers uppers! The first one moved in and took her half a day! The second, we've been helping them work on it so they can move in before winter! We've started using Young Living Essential Oils! I LOVE IT! Already gone through a lot, with bug bites, scrapes, stuffy nose, fevers, Hand, Foot, and Mouth! That stuff is awesome! I'll tell you more in another, separate post later!