Friday, October 11, 2013

Getting back

Wow can't believe I've been away over a year! My little one will have his first birthday next week! Time flies too fast! Since my last post I have added a son and two grandsons to the family! Plus we had a flood in the basement in the spring, so there has been a lot of messes and rearranging going on here! I'm going to really get into deep cleaning, decluttering, purging, and rearranging of rooms! These babies are on the move and we can no longer contain them in a small area! So, here we go! We spend most time in the living room, which I guess is why it is called that! We live there! And boy can you tell it is lived in! It's quite the sardine can! When the babies are all here we toss stuff in laundry basket and stick them in another room! Well, today we are going to purge, clean, and rearrange to give babies a bigger place to play! It's a big room with lots of stuff so it's a hefty goal to get it all in one day, especially with 2 babies underfoot! But today we only have 1 outside activity and its only an hour! Tomorrow is everyone going different directions all day long, and Sunday is The Lords' Day! So why am I typing instead of getting busy? I'm feeding the baby! Ok! Time to begin! Here is how it looks (beware! It's bad!)

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