Saturday, October 12, 2013

Almost there

Well it's almost 11 and little man wanted his mommy so he could go to sleep! So no more cleaning today. Was going to watch a Netflix but its "unable to connect at this time" even though its working on the iPad, it won't work through the wii tonight. Bummer! So we got most of the living room done. Will have to take pics tomorrow, too dark right now! Still have to go through a lot of junk but at least the furniture is moved, and we updated the outlets. Also cleaned and reorganized the towel closet in the hall? I wish I did a before picture because it looks awesome now! Now it's Sunday! Was too busy yesterday to get anything done! Our group had a used stuff swap and I got rid of a lot of stuff! Most of what is in this picture is now gone! LOL! We kept the children!

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