Monday, August 13, 2012

Time flys!!

I can't believe it's been almost 3 weeks since I got on here! I need to put it in my schedule time to do this at least once a week! I would love to have a schedule. I think the kids would too. They told me they thought they would do better at getting their homework done if I had a schedule for them!! Ha! I have a schedule posted for them on the board, it's been there for about 2 years, so I asked "if you want to follow a schedule, why haven't you been following that one?" the reply "well, you haven't enforced it!" Oh, so now I have to be the schedule police? Actually, maybe I do, at least until it becomes a habit with everyone. Having a set schedule would mean I wouldn't keep waking up at 3am wondering "what should we do today? I WANT to do this, but I NEED to do that, and that, and that, and that. But that is too much to do in one day, so which do I pick for today. Plus I have all the other stuff I normally do in a day. bah!! But everytime I try to make a schedule, things pop up and make it so I can't even follow it anyway. How do people work on a schedule? They just don't seem to work for me and it usually ends up hardly anything actually gets done because I don't have a schedule. Maybe the kids are right, I just need to be the enforcer for a while until it becomes a habit for us. and why is it when I tell myself before bed "tomorrow I will be up before 7am and get this and this done, then wake the kids by 8" I will usually have a terrible nights sleep and maybe I didn't start sleeping well until 5am and when I wake up my back hurts and my arms are asleep and I just can't get out of bed? Well, I guess we'll try again, tomorrow!

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