Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Making progress (a little anyway!)

So, while I didn't complete my goal of totally removing everything from the "old" school room, MOST of it is out! We could have had all of it out, but then I wouldn't have room to move in the "new" school room! It's hard enough moving around with this 29 week pregnant belly without having to climb over things! So I had to tell the kids to stop hauling stuff down until I can put some of it away. Hubby moved the small wall shelf down there last night after I had quit for the evening, so I guess that's where I will start today. I'm hoping today to get at least enough put away down there so we can move the rest of the stuff down. As long as we are able to get the room painted by this weekend, I'll be happy! I'm sure Nicole will be happy, too, because then next week she can start moving her stuff into her new room and start setting up her baby stuff. Hard to believe she only has a month left! I guess before I get started on the moving and putting away today, I should get the kids out of bed, eat breakfast, and have them help me make another batch of apple butter out of the box of apples MIL brought over last night. They said this is the last batch of apples for the season. I'd much rather do up the apples than tomatoes - they are so much easier, quicker, cleaner, and smell so much better! Oh well, the tomatoes do TASTE good when we put them in the chili and lasagna!

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