Friday, July 13, 2012

gotta clean and organize to make room for my sanity!

I'm so overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I need to do!  I think the thing I need to take care of first is cleaning and organizing my house!  Not being able to find things drives me NUTS!!  Of course the kids ask me where something is, well, the heck if I know!! (OK, sometimes, I DO know!)  But it would be nice if there was room for everything to have a designated area, so if I need someone to put something away for me, I don't need to draw them a map or say "stick it where every you find a spot" (which is usually NOT a spot where you are going to go looking for it next time you need it!!)  So, I've been looking all over the web for help on where to start and how to stay on task and motivated.  I think I may have found something!  It's called 28 days to Hope for your Home written by Nony from the blog "A Slob Comes Clean," which she says is "not for the mildly disorganized!"  Oh yeah, that's me!! (click on the link to see  for yourself!)

  I'm also looking forward to reading her e-book on "Teach your child to clean" and taking part in "Summer of Clean!"  She states "tried and true home management methods that work for a real-life slob!" I'm going to start working on this ASAP! and will blog here about my progress!

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