Sunday, July 15, 2012


Ok, so I'm on a quest to declutter and organize my house, while hoping (and praying) to build a new house (quickly!!)  God is really trying to teach me patience here!  Things are moving slower than a snail, while I want to zip along like a jaguar!  (if anyone knows of anyone who does construction and needs an immediate job, let me know!  apparently everyone we have contacted must have plenty of work to do, because they say they will get back to us in 3-4 days and we are lucky if we hear in 3-4 weeks - and that is after hounding them!!)

So, I decide while I'm impatiently waiting, I might as well try to control the clutter we already have so I don't move it into a new home.  Just because it's bigger doesn't mean it has to be cluttered in the least bit!  Well, I'm having trouble sorting through stuff.  Mainly because as soon as I throw something out, there is someone who needs it for something!

Well, today's gospel hit me between the eyes!  In Mark he talks about how Jesus asked his apostles to take their walking stick and go forth!  He didn't even allow them to take a change of clothes!  Why is that?  because we are supposed to rely on God to supply us with what we need!!  So hard to do, I know!!

My goal for this week is to spend 1 hour each day in my sewing room decluttering.  I choose this room because it is the messiest, and you have to walk through it to get to the freezer and laundry.  Hmm, I should take a picture in the morning before I start and then take another one at the end of the week.  Or, maybe I could take one a day to show how much progress I make each day!  I'm going to try to do all the laundry tonight after 10pm because I just got a high price alert for the electricity tomorrow.  I try not to run the dishwasher or laundry if the price is over 3 cents/kwh and tomorrow afternoon it's going to be 14!  WOW!

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